Build artist careers with Gertrude.  Join the rewarding journey of supporting the next generation of Australian artists develop and thrive.

By joining Gertrude’s Annual Patronage Program, you become part of a community that directly contributes to the development of artists’ careers. As a valued member of this community, you will be invited to see the result of your patronage first-hand through a series of unique Gertrude experiences with artists in their studios and with our exhibition program.

The program offers you four levels of giving to choose from, each with their own carefully crafted annual program of events and benefits: Firework, Comet, Aurora, Supernova.

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Michael Schwarz and David Clouston

Joyce Nissan 

Eleanor and Chris Langford



Andy Dinan and Mario Lo Giudice

Bruce Parncutt AO

The George and Freda Castan Families Charitable Foundation

Jane and Stephen Hains

Janet Holt

Kyp and Luisa Bosci

Michael and Janet Buxton



Abby and Andrew Cox


Emily Floyd

Gordon and Emma Thomson

Helen Seales

James McGrath and Susan Jones

James Vivian

Jonathan and Libby Altson

Rossie and Ben James

STATION, Melbourne

Wendy Brown



Adam and Lucinda Francis




Chris McAuliffe

Jan van Schaik

Jordan and Inez Grigg

Kalli Rolfe

Kerstin Thompson

Marcus McMahon

Nick Holuigue and Fiona Richardson

Professor Su Baker

Robbie Aitken

Toms Yarra Valley

Sophie Gannon

Sue Dodd

Tracey Lester

Trevor and Karen Korn