In 2005 the Gertrude Contemporary and Art and Australia Emerging Writers Program was established to provide a unique opportunity for emerging visual arts writers nation-wide to develop their writing practice, publish their work, and gain further insight into the field of contemporary art writing through a year-long mentorship with an established art historian, curator or writer. 

In 2015, Gertrude renovated its Emerging Writers Program to be more adaptive to the specific skills, strengths and styles of its Emerging Writers. As in previous years, applicants selected for the Program will be paired with a mentor for a period of one year. With their mentors’ help, Emerging Writers will produce two pieces of professional writing for publication, one of which will be a Studio 12 catalogue essay. In 2015, however, Gertrude diversified its partner organisations so that Emerging Writers can publish their work in a forum most appropriate to their ambitions. The 2015 EWP’s partner organisations include, but are not limited to: Art Monthly Australia, eyelineunMagazineDiscipline, West Space JournalVaultDissectRealtime, Canvas on FBI Radio, and No Brow on 4ZZZ Radio. The second text can take the form of an artist profile, an exhibition review, a critical essay, a radio piece, an online text with audio-visual content, or something else entirely. 

The aim of the Emerging Writers Program is to professionally support emerging arts writers who are committed to a career in the arena of contemporary art and criticism. This program contributes to the growth of a rich and insightful critical culture around contemporary art, providing participants with professional development and mentorship. This is the longest-running program of its kind in Australia and offers unparalleled access to professional networks and the opportunity to publish in some of Australia's leading arts publications and organisations.

Each year four applicants are chosen to participate in this program. Each Emerging Writer is teamed with a mentor who is a leader in the field and with whom they work, to create two pieces of professional writing for publication.

To Apply:

Please see here

Applications should include:                                                                 

A cover letter expressing why you would like to take part in this program

 Curriculum Vitae

A writing sample of up to 700 words (Preferably a catalogue essay or review of an art work, exhibition or event rather than a university essay or thesis extract. This does not need have been previously published.)

Send your application to:                                                                                     
Shae Nagorcka - Gallery Manager                                                                                     
Gertrude Contemporary                                                        
200 Gertrude Street                                                                                      
Fitzroy VIC 3065                                                                    
Or email to: [email protected]