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Kathy Temin’s A Magazine (As part of My Kylie Collection) continued the artist’s examination of celebrity and fandom, and the construction of personal identity in relation to popular culture, through the lens of her own fascination with Kylie Minogue. Engaging in a dialogue between art and music, Temin’s associated 78-page publication encompasses writings and page-works by local and international artists, writers, theorists, colleagues and friends, including Australia-based Poppy King, Sarah Cottier, Russell Storer, Nikos Papastergiadis, Kate Daw, Josh Abrahams, Adrian Martin, Nat and Ali, Emily Floyd and Starlie Geikie; London-based writers Matthew Collings and Julie Burchill, photographer Polly Borland, musician Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner) and artist Georgina Starr; and New York-based Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) and Knight Landesman (Artforum editor). Interspersed throughout the publication are photographs of Kylie fans whom Kathy has interviewed, as well as related page-works by artists and colleagues. Temin’s installation presented a mise-en-scene of blown-up pages from the Magazine by Kylie Forbes, Nat and Ali, Kathy Temin, Knight Landesman, Nikos Papastergiadis, Matthew Collings, Cerith Wyn Evans and Lee Ranaldo, The publication was launched with a series of live readings by Poppy King (beamed in virtually via digital sound tape from New York), Natalie King, Nikos Papastergiadis, Kate Daw, Adrian Martin and Delilah Schwartz. A party followed the opening at Alia, where Kathy Temin, along with local artists Nat and Ali, Emily Floyd and Starlie Geikie, performed as guest DJs.