Studio 12 Exhibition

Christian Capurro's exhibition in Gertrude Contemporary's Studio 12 project space presented a selection of reducive drawings from the Gorgonia series. These drawings raised the spectre of a petrifying sight; imagining its forms, the conditions of its being and the impact that it has upon both the beholder, and the subject of attention. These works formed part of a larger, ongoing project by Capurro which examined, in different ways and a variety of media, a certain pressure coming to bear on the persistence and omnipresence of the image. This 'pressure' often takes the form of a correction, a displacement or an erasure, each of which were crucial elements in the Gorgonia drawings.
Christian Capurro's selected solo exhibitions include White Breath, West Space, Melbourne, 2000, After the deluge, corrections, Temple Studio, Melbourne, 1999, and Trying to keep more than one thing in your head at any one time, West Space, Melbourne 1999. Selected group exhibitions include Capurro, Ellis, Hutchison and Parsons, 1st Floor, Melbourne, 2002, Raw Hin, Gallery Kobo Chika, Tokyo, 1999, and Who's afraid of the avant-garde? who cares?, TCBincArt, Melbourne, 1999.