Studio 12 Exhibition

Panic Bolt presented an arresting and layered architectural space - recreating a constructed, transitional environment over the existing architecture of Studio 12. The resultant installation created an uncanny transient place, that lead nowhere but still contained the viewer/participant within its confines - like a hallway without an exit, or a hidden space not designed for human interaction. The unnerving effect of the installation was enhanced by its floor, which had been covered in a thin layer of glass - rendering each move or footstep as a potential act of destruction. Panic Bolt created a tense, claustrophobic environment in which the structure and presence of architecture developed an uneasy relationship with the human body.

Kate Fulton completed a BFA at Deakin University (1994) and a Graduate Diploma in Visual Art at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2001. Her recent solo exhibitions include In the absence of content, West Space, Melbourne 2003; and Falling to Pieces, Eisenberg Gallery, Melbourne 2002. Recent group exhibitions include consandine fulton geikie hester huang, mir11, Melbourne 2004; multipleMISCELLANEOUSalliances, CLUBSproject, Melbourne 2004; and Re-verb, Containers Project, Next Wave festival, Melbourne 2004. Fulton has been a committee member of Conical Inc from 2002 - 2004 and currently sits on Gertrude’s Board of Management as a Studio Artist representative.