As a combined gallery and studio complex, Gertrude Contemporary provides a unique insight for students of all ages into the public presentation and behind-the-scenes production of art.

The gallery offers a range of valuable educational experiences for students and school groups, catering for a diverse range of curricula and study fields within the creative arts.

Gertrude Contemporary’s program presents approximately 20 exhibitions annually featuring work by Australian and international artists across three gallery spaces.

Our Education Tours led by Gertrude Contemporary staff can focus on a range of contemporary art issues and ideas within the context of the current exhibition program. The tours can also be tailored to focus on outcomes specific to the group’s learning needs and interests.

Alongside Gertrude Contemporary’s Exhibition Program, the gallery’s Studio Artist Program provides a unique opportunity for students to access one of the sixteen artists-in-residence and experience a behind-the-scenes look at a working studio practice and a Q and A session with the artist.

These tours must be booked ahead of time.

Both the gallery tour and Studio Artist Program provide an excellent opportunity for students of VCE Studio Arts, Art and Visual Communication Design, particularly in the following areas of study: 

  • Artistic inspiration and techniques
  • Design exploration and concepts
  • Studio production and professional art practices
  • Art industry contexts



To book a tour, please email Jacqueline Hanlin, Gallery and Administration Coordinator, or call the gallery between 10.00am–5.00pm Monday – Friday.


Guided exhibition tours also include a brief history of Gertrude Contemporary and are free of charge.

A half-hour studio visit with a current Gertrude Studio Artist is $55 (incl. GST).

Other Programs

Gertrude Contemporary is a participating gallery in the Fitzroy Art Spaces Tour (FAST), an education initiative for teachers and students of VCE Studio Arts. The program offers a new pathway to explore the art industry in Fitzroy.

Further information about FAST can be found at