Eunhye Chung’s collaborative practice creates opportunities for connection, communication and healing through art for people who may not have much experience with or knowledge of contemporary art. Her recent projects have focused on the material of yarn and the processes of crocheting, knitting and weaving. She works in a way that accentuates the process of thread/yarn becoming fabric/surface, finding unlimited potential in this transformative process, both as a visual object and as a container of metaphors for human relationships.

During her residency, Eunhye facilitated a workshop at the Fitzroy Salvation Army store, and conducted research into a number of local organizations that encourage collaborative and community-based modes of working, such as Art Projects in Northcote and the Social Studio in Fitzroy.

Eunhye Chung lives and works in Jeju-do, South Korea. She completed a BA (Fine Art and Art History) at Queen’s University, Canada in 1997, and an MA (Art Therapy) at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007.

Eunhye Chung  visited Melbourne as part of Gertrude Contemporary and Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON’s Reciprocal Residency program, which is generously supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.

This information was current at the time of her residency.