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gertrude's table

Gertrude’s Table is a unique private-giving program, which welcomes patrons into our community of artists, curators and writers. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, our studios, exhibitions, programs and events are fundraised through funding bodies, foundations, individuals and corporate sponsorship.  We increasingly rely on the support of individuals to financially contribute to, and advocate for, Gertrude's activities.

Membership of Gertrude's Table allows individuals to directly contribute to the professional development of emerging and mid-career artists.  There are three tiers of membership: Friends, Studio Patrons and Benefactors.  Gertrude Contemporary has a recognised charitable status and all donations are tax deductable.

In recognition of our member's support, we offer a range of benefits that are listed below.  In particular, each year, Benefactors and Studio Patrons receive one of our prestigious Gertrude Editions.  These works can been collected over time and provide a slice of history that connects people back to Gertrude Contemporary. 

Further, all members are invited to our annual Gertrude’s Table event, which is a highly anticipated and exciting opportunity to interact with Melbourne’s creative community.


FRIENDS   $2,000

Friends of Gertrude receive:

Invitation to the annual Gertrude’s Table event

Acknowledgment on our website

Invitations to special talks and events



Studio Patrons make a three-year commitment

Studio patrons receive:

An annual Gertrude Edition

Naming rights to a Gertrude Studio Space

Opportunities to attend tailored events, such as studio visits

An invitation to Gertrude’s Table event, Edition Launch and special events

Acknowledgment on our website


BENEFACTORS   Undisclosed donation

Benefactors are in close contact with Gertrude Contemporary's Director and Board, and receive benefits that are tailored to the patron's requirements

Benefactors receive:

An annual Gertrude Edition

Naming rights on Gertrude’s exhibiting spaces and/or special projects

Invitation to Gertrude’s Table event, Edition launch and special events

Acknowledgment on Gertrude Contemporary’s publicity material and website





The Danielle and Daniel Besen Foundation

Clark and Sara Kirby


Studio Patrons

Kyp and Luisa Bosci / Jane and Simon Hayman

Michael and Janet Buxton

Bruce Parncutt and Robin Campbell

Michael Schwarz and David Clouston

Martin and Lainie Strode

Mario Lo Giudice and Andy Dinan

Jane and Stephen Hains

The George and Freda Castan Families Charitable Foundation

Andrew and Antje Géczy 


Andrea Candiani