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3 - UnnamedEmma Crimmings has worked as a filmmaker, a Producer for ABC TV Arts, a curator at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and the Australian Centre for Photography, and most recently as Acting Director and Program Manager of Cultural Affairs at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC


1 - UnnamedShae Nagorcka is a writer and curator based in Melbourne. Previously a board member and Gallery Manager at BLINDSIDE Gallery, Shae has curated exhibitions for Gertrude Contemporary, Next Wave Festival and BLINDSIDE Gallery as well having worked with organisations including Diane Tanzer Galler and Mossgreen Gallery. Shae holds a Bachelor of Arts Hons majoring in Theory of Art and Design from Monash University.  



1 - UnnamedDeb has been working in education for over twelve years, teaching at secondary, tertiary and vocational level. She is a member of the art collective DAMP and practices architecture, working on projects both locally and abroad. 
Deb holds a degree in a Bachelor of Fine Art, Monash University, Bachelor of Architectural Design, RMIT, a Masters of Architecture, RMIT and a Graduate Diploma of Education, The University of Melbourne.


1 - UnnamedKyp Bosci is managing director of Kalex, a Melbourne based property company specialising in design-led residential and commercial projects. In collaboration with Melbourne’s best creative talent, tradespeople and craftsmen, Kalex design for those who appreciate detail. Kyp is a passionate collector of contemporary art and brings to the board the expertise and network that will assist in ensuring Gertrude Contemporary's housing needs continue to be met.



1 - Unnamed

Fiona has over 20 years experience in financial services. During this time she has worked across the breadth of small to medium sized family businesses through to complex global corporations where she served in various executive positions including Chief Operating Officer for one of the key divisions. She is currently at the Myer Family Company where she works with new clients and drives the strategic marketing.  Fiona has a strong sensibility for the arts and the challenges faced by charitable organisations.  Fiona as a BEc(Hons) and M.Art History.



Amanda is a Director in the Melbourne Private Enterprise practice of KPMG Australia and has also worked in KPMG’s London office. Amanda has over a decade of experience working alongside Australian businesses, and specialises in the not-for-profit and education sector. Her extensive knowledge in corporate governance has evolved from working with many of Australia’s distinguished organisations and their leaders.

Amanda has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.



Doug Hall AM is Associate Professor and Honorary Principal Fellow, Australian Institute of Art History, University of Melbourne and is a widely published writer and critic. He was director of the Queensland Art Gallery/GOMA 1987-2007, where he began the Asia Pacific Triennials and initiated the Gallery of Modern Art and oversaw its development and opening 2006. He was the Australian Commissioner for the Venice Biennale in 2009 and 2011.

Photograph courtesy Georgia Metaxas.



Kathy Temin is Associate Professor at Monash University, and has presented numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally since her first solo exhibition at Gertrude Contemporary in 1991. Key projects include solo shows at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (1995), Heide Museum of Modern Art (2009) and The Art Gallery of New South Wales (2011) and GOMA, Brisbane (2014). She has participated in group exhibitions in the UK, Israel, Poland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Korea and the United States. 

Kathy holds a PhD from Melbourne University/VCA. Her work is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney and Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington.


Michael Buxton’s background is in real estate development. He commenced his property career in the family real estate business of J. R. Buxton until 1980, when he became a founding partner of Becton until 1994. In 1995 he founded MAB Corporation with his brother Andrew. Michael has an extensive collection of Contemporary Australian Art, and is a noted supporter of artists along with his wife Janet. He is a Life Governor of the NGV, an Individual Founder Benefactor of the Queensland Art Gallery, a Leading Patron of the MTC, Chair of Futurefish Foundation and Halcyon Senior Citizens Retirement Village. He set up The Michael and Janet Buxton Foundation which assists a variety of philanthrophic organisations each year.



1 - UnnamedHelen Johnson graduated from a BFA (Hons) at RMIT in 2002, and held a studio residency at Gertrude during 2004-05. Since then she has presented numerous solo exhibitions both in Australia and overseas, and contributed to many group exhibitions, as well as undertaking various residencies in Australia and Europe. She has an active creative practice with painting at its center, and also involving writing and curating. She holds a PhD from Monash University and is currently teaching at RMIT.




Sharon Russell, Christine Sandford, Brooke Randell, Richard Camilleri, Chantal Laurendeau, Sophie Thomson, Julia Francis, Wendy Chen, Brendan McCleary, Rula Paterson, Heesun Choi, Lucy Rash, Luke Sands, Michelle Hambur, Natasha Lubis, Olivia Hutchinson, Jaye Cook, Francis Wilkinson, Indra Haas, Colleen Chen, Alice Mikhman, Bernadette Butterworth, Sarah Hibbs, Chiara Scafidi 


Previous Directors: LOUISE NERI, 1985—1989; ROSE LANG, 1990—1999; MAX DELANY, 1999—2004; SAMANTHA COMTE, 2004—2005; ALEXIE GLASS, 2005 - 2013

Previous Staff: RUTH BAIN, Assistant Director 1986—1987; ROSE LANG, Assistant Director / Acting Director 1988—1989; VIRGINIA TRIOLI, Assistant Director 1988; SARAH RITSON, Assistant Director 1988—1989; JAMES HARLEY, Assistant Director 1989—1990; Deidre O’Driscoll, Assistant Director 1990; ADAM BOYD, Co-Assistant Director 1990—1992; BALA STARR, Co-Assistant Director 1990—1992, Assistant Director 1993—1995; ISABELLE KENNY, Gallery Assistant 1994; CHARLOTTE DAY, Assistant Director / Acting Director / Program Manager, 1995—1998; FIONA WHITWORTH, Acting Assistant Director 1995; HELEN GIBBINS, Gallery Assistant 1995, Program Assistant / Promotions Coordinator 1998—2000; KATE SHAW, Assistant Director / Program Assistant 1996—1998; SIMONNE KAPLAN, Gallery Assistant 1996; SARAH HASELTON, Gallery Assistant 1996; SAMANTHA COMTE, Public Relations Officer 1997, Program Manager / Deputy Director 1999—2004; REBECCA CHEW, Gallery Assistant 1999; MAGDA STACHOWIAK, Gallery Assistant 1999; KATE RHODES, Gallery Assistant 1999—2000; DANNY LACY, Gallery Assistant 2003—2006; ANDREA TU, Gallery Assistant 2003; NADINE CHRISTENSEN, Gallery Assistant 2003; JEFF KHAN, Communications Coordinator 2003—2006; ULANDA BLAIR, Special Projects Assistant 2004, Gallery Coordinator 2005—2006; Acting Communications Manager, 2006—2007; ANDREW McQUALTER, Gallery Assistant 2005—2007; AMITA KIRPALANI, Assistant Curator / Acting Curator - Communications 2007 - 2012; SHAE NAGORCKA, Gallery Manager, 2007 - present; PIP WALLIS, Curator - Communications, 2011 - 2015;  EMILY CORMACK, Curator - Communications Manager, 2007 - 2015; JACQUELINE DOUGHTY, Deputy Director – Program Curator, - 2015; HELEN HUGHES, Curator - Communications Manager, 2014 - 2015


Previous Chairs: JOHN WALKER, 1985; MEMORY HOLLOWAY, 1985—1987; HARRY CURTIS, 1988—1996; CASSIE SERPELL, 1999—2005; JOHN MEADE, 2006; VICTORIA HOBDAY, 2007—2008; TROY HEY, 2009—present

Previous Board Members: TOM LOWENSTEIN, 1985—1987; TIM BASS, 1985—1987; PHIL CORMIE, 1985—1987; VANN FISHER, 1985—1986; BILL HENSEN, 1985—1987; GEOFF LOWE, 1985—1987; PETER SAUNDERS, 1985—1987; KATRINA KENT, 1988—1989; MARGARET BEATTIE, 1988—1990; ANDREW FUNSTON, 1988—1991; STEPHEN GILFEDDER, 1988; PHILIPPA HAWKER, 1988—1990; NAOMI MILGROM, 1988—1990; CHRIS DYSON, 1989—1998; ROBERT OWEN, 1990—1999; EVAN LOWENSTEIN, 1991—1998; MARGOT CAPP, 1991—1993; BRUNO CHARLESWORTH, 1991—1993;  BRENT HARRIS, 1991—1994; CAROLYN BARNES, 1994—1999; LINDA WHITE, 1994—1999; ANNA NERVEGNA, 1995—2001; MICHAEL AGAR, 1997—2001; OWEN GWYNNE, 1997—2006; CASSIE SERPELL, 1997—2006; RUTH BAIN, 1999—2006; JOHN MEADE, 1999—2007; MARIE SIERRA, 1998—2007; JOHN DENTON, 2000—2006; JAMES BETT, 2000—2006; KATHY ROBINSON, 2002—2005; DAVID McLEISH, 2005—2008; MARK HENRY, 2005—2008; TONY CHAMBERLIN, 2006—2009; JAN van SCHAIK, 2002—2008; EDWARD COLLESS, 2003—2009; DAMIANO BERTOLI, 2004—2010; TROY HEY. 2006—present; JUSTIN MASTORES, 2007—present; EMILY FLOYD, 2007—present; SANDRA FERMAN, 2008—present; MANDY FOX, 2008—present; BEN CLARK, 2008 - present; KATIE LEE 2011 - present

Previous Studio Artist Representatives: KIM DONALDSON, 1985—1986; Jan Nelson, 1985—1986; BRETT COLQUHOUN, 1987; AMANDA RITSON, 1987—1988; BRENT HARRIS, 1988; DRU PARRISH, 1989; NEIL EMMERSON, 1989—1990; ELISABETH BODEY, 1990; ANITA KOCSIS, 1991—1993; PENELOPE LEE, 1991—1993; ANNA NERVEGNA, 1993—1994; JAN PARKER, 1993—1994; ALEX RIZKALLA, 1993; SUSAN HEWITT, 1995; ROBYN EASTGATE, 1995; SIONE FRANCIS, 1996; JACINTA SCHREUDER, 1996; LOUISE JENNISON, 1997; LESLIE EASTMAN, 1997; PAULA WONG, 1998; JENNIE LANG, 1998—1999; LOUISA BUFARDECI, 1999—2000; JAMES LYNCH 2000; PAREKOHAI WHAKAMOE, 2000; CHRIS BOND, 20001—2002; ANDREA TU, 2001—2002; PAUL KNIGHT 2003; LARESA KOSLOFF, 2003—2005; SUE DODD, 2004—2005;  KATE FULTON, 2006; ALEX MARTINIS ROE, 2006—2007; BENJAMIN ARMSTRONG, 2007—2008; JACKSON SLATTERY, 2008—2009; ROB McLEISH, 2009—2010; MATT HINKLEY, 2009—2010; EMILY FERRETTI, 2010 - 2012